Prelim Security Information


Notes of guidance for centres on the validity and security of preliminary papers.

Code-of-Practice (for participating centres)

On receipt of one of our 2023 / 24 Prelims or 2023 / 24 Extended Tests you will be expected to...

Store each paper in a secure place;
(our prelims / extended tests are not in the public domain and can only be purchased through legitimate school channels)

Establish secure procedures (to your own satisfaction) for the checking, changing and photocopying of
each assessment paper;

Ensure that all copies of the papers have been recovered after the completion of the examination / assessment and / or after any follow up discussion, etc.

In short, keep each prelim examination in a safe place and out of the public domain until the day of the examination.

Supplied marking schemes should be strictly adhered to.

The evidence gathering procedure, and the suitability of the material, is left to the discretion of each individual centre.

Thank you for taking time to read this communique and for your continued custom and support.

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